808s and Heartbreaks

So last night my husband and I went and saw Kanye West perform at the Hollywood Bowl. I know what you're thinking....You are so lucky to have seen Kanye before he becomes our next president and no longer performs! Kidding aside, I was very excited to see Kanye perform. Although he has long since established himself as a loose cannon and a douche bag, he is one artist that has been on my bucket list to see live. The tour "808s and heartbreaks" was also exciting for me, as I am a huge fan of this album, which he had never toured since its 2008 release. This album, filled with string arrangements, autotune and melancholy heart-felt lyrics, was a step away from his previous hip-hop albums. I was also excited to see him at my first visit to the Hollywood Bowl, an outdoor venue which is known for hosting jazz festivals and classical artists.

On the ride to the concert, we were debating what song Kanye open with... would it be "Amazing?" or "Run Away" Would he have any guest appearance? I was hoping for a long-shot of Paul McCartney who he most recently collaborated with . The energy level among my husband, brother-in-law and friends was high in anticipation. Needless to say  I was let down when he came out to "Say You Will." Not that it's not a good song, it's just not a high-energy opener. He then proceeded to go one by one through each track of 808s and hearbreaks without so much as a new or throw-back song in between. Yes, I understand the tour is for this particular album, but if I wanted to hear the album in it's entirety I would have put the CD on and saved myself the $100 some bucks for the concert. The show production itself was lackluster.  There were a few special effects or visual stimulation. There were fireworks here and there in the opener and scattered throughout. Fake snow fell on the audience during "The Coldest Winter." There was what seemed to be a choir of black men in white pants and "white face" standing still on the stage. The background dancers were dressed in Kanye's drab "derelique" looking fashion pieces. At one point in the back of the arena a light emanated from a still ghost-like woman. The end of the show Kanye put a damn bag over his head, probably to hide his shame for such a crappy show.  Most of the artists featured on 808s and heartbreaks did show up: Young Jeezy, Kid Cudi and actually that was about it.

What was most disappointing about this performance, however, was Kanye's lack of respect or interest in his audience. I have been to many live shows, and I have never once seen them deny the audience an encore, which Kanye did at this concert. Furthermore, he did little to no interaction with the audience during the show. At one point during "Amazing" he restarted after a glitch happened, and then addressed the audience saying "This is the best dress rehearsal" Seriously?? You didn't do a f#cking sound check before Kanye? We did not pay our money to be here to be your "dress rehearsal" for your next show! Sadly, I think Kanye confirmed for me what most people think of him already.
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  1. Sounds like Teaspoons put on a better show than Kanye!