Reaction to San Bernadino Shooting

My intent for this blog was to write more light-hearted topics, however after the recent shooting at San Bernadino I feel compelled to write a more serious and perhaps political post. This shooting yesterday really affected me, maybe because of the proximity of the shooting to where I live, the possible involvement of a state agency where my husband works, and because the center this occurred served those with disabilities. Although the motive behind this horrendous act is still unknown, it is known that assault weapons were used. As President Obama pointed out in a statement to the press, there are people on the "No Fly" list that are able to buy assault weapons in this country. As someone who grew up in a state where the right to bear arms is strongly revered, I know how polarizing the topic of gun control is. I don't believe social media is the appropriate outlet to influence people on this topic, or other strongly charged ideological issues. I do urge you if agree that we need stronger laws in our country to write your state representative and vote for candidates that support gun control. I urge you to advocate to your legislators for laws not only for background checks and waiting periods, but bans on the sale of assault weapons. For those that live in California, here is a link to contact our Governor Brown.


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