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The new year brings about for most of us a chance to set out lofty goals of self-improvement, which may or may not ever be in our reach. I think the new year's resolution is somewhat silly; if you really wanted to change why do you have to wait until the new year to start the change? Regardless of the ridiculousness of New Year's resolutions, I always make them. I usually have a one or two regarding my career goals, finance and improving my health/losing weight. This year I decided to focus them on getting myself out of my comfort zone. I won't bore you by going one by one through each, however the one resolution that will challenge me the most is changing employment. I currently work as a Nurse Practioner in the emergency room, and before that I worked as a RN in the same organization for the past four years. I have actually worked in a hospital in different capacities and roles for the past eight years. The hospital shift work, wearing scrubs, handling bodily fluids, irate patients, and irregular schedules has become my norm. This became difficult after I was married, as my husband works traditional 9-5 hours and I was working holidays, weekends, nights etc. I always thought after I finished my graduate program I would start working outside the hospital, but when I was offered a job in the ER the opportunity seemed perfect. Several influences have been pushing me to leave the acute care setting, and with the new year I finally made the decision to leave to work at a private practice. My family time is important, and being able to work regular hours where I am not run ragged and able to enjoy my time off is important. It's also of importance to me to focus on preventative medicine and building relationships with patients, rather than the lack of continuity of care in the ER. My personality is one that does best in a constantly moving pace, and I do wonder if I will get bored without the excitement of the Emergency Room.
The beginning of this new year has started out a bit rough for me; my son had a bad asthma exacerbation, the new management and workload at my employment,  and stressors with my immediate and extended family have all been taxing. These stressors also made me question what is important and how I see the future for my personal and professional life. For me the move into a different setting is intimidating, however I believe this is the right move for me to grow professionally as well as bring more balance into my life.

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