The humble beginnings of my garden

In my previous post I mentioned I am in the process of planting some herbs and other edible plants in a raised bed. I wanted to display my progress thus far. I am an amateur gardener at best. Let's just say  I am not anywhere near Matt Damon in The Martian. So far I have oregano (Mexican, although I don't know what the difference is) mint, rosemary, kale, and scallions. I also on a whim planted butternut squash seeds, which have sprouted. The depth of this bed is not likely to accommodate a whole butternut squash, so I will have to transfer these eventually. I welcome any suggestions or tips.

I also have a grapefruit tree. I am not sure how long it takes for it to produce fruit. Any ideas ??

Winter getaway without the baby


This month my husband and I had the pleasure of going on a weekend away without the baby. This is the first occasion we have left him more than 24 hours with someone other than each other. We had planned a trip to Tahoe to ski and snow board and initially were going to bring our 18 month old  toddler, however when our friends who were also going on the trip decided not to bring their kids along, we decided to make it just an adult trip. Every parent has different comfort levels with leaving their children overnight. I for one grew up with my parents literally never leaving me with a babysitter or relative. I remember the first time my mom left me overnight she went to Alaska for a job interview when I was eight years old. I remember this because I wrote in my journal every day about how much I missed her and wanted her to come home. Growing up my family did not live near extended family, otherwise circumstances may have been different.  Leaving our son over three nights did require us to coordinate with our family members and making lists, but at his age of 18 months I felt completely comfortable. We are lucky to have extended family who is willing to watch our son, and now that he is able to feed himself and sleeps well through the night I didn't feel guilty asking family to watch him overnight.

The trip was a much needed respite. I have been so absorbed in work, school, and being a mom I haven't had a trip in several years where I am able to completely enjoy myself.  I learned to ski at age 9 when I lived in Idaho and our school went on a field trip to a local mountain. I have fond memories as a child zipping down the slopes. When my family moved to Alaska at age 12 I went only once or twice due to the extreme weather conditions. I went once with a friend who was on the ski team when the temperatures where below zero. The mountain was without a ski lift and to get up the mountain required getting in an old non-heated school bus. My friend was a expert skier and I was struggling just to keep up with her, in addition to my extremities completely losing sensation due to the cold. That was my last time downhill skiing for many, many years. Fast forward 15 plus years later,  as I put on skis again I was definitely nervous. The friends we were going with as well as my husband are all advanced snow boarders, and I was dreading being the beginner who had to take her skis off and walk down the mountain. In addition, I had never been to a mountain as large as Tahoe or with even more than one ski lift. Turns out that I had not lost much of my abilities after years and years that had gone by, and that I actually really enjoyed myself. By the second day I felt completely comfortable and was able to ski down the more difficult runs. Albeit an expensive hobby, I remember how much I loved skiing and really want to continue to go at least once a year. When my son gets a little older I want to take him and have him learn to ski or snowboard at a young age.  The rest of the trip was also a blast, soaking in the hot tub, playing board games with friends and watching the super bowel. My son did great over the weekend without us, and did not really miss us at all. I wasn't worried or constantly checking up on him the entire weekend, but when I came home I was so happy to see him. Taking time for yourself  is not easy as a parent, especially when your children are little and need you around the clock. I am so committed to my son and my family, but taking time for yourself is nothing to feel guilty about.