From Scrubs to Business Casual

I've previously written on the choice to move from the ER setting to the office setting (a blog on this transition is in the works). Working in the hospital setting for the past eight years, my daily uniform consisted of scrubs. This is the first job I've had where I can "dress-up" to work so to speak. As I've been more involved in the blogging world I've come across many bloggers in the medical field who incorporate style and fashion into their sites. Some of those I enjoy reading for the style aspect, among the other inspirational posts, include mavensinmedicine, a little bit of lacquer and a healer's heart. I tend to err on the more conservative end of the fashion spectrum, and am a minimalist when it comes to most things style-related. I have found having a good set of basic items allows for a versatile work wardrobe without breaking the bank. Here are the items I consider the "staples" of my work attire.
*Navy cotton pencil skirt
*black trousers
* gray trousers
* black pullover sweater
* Dansko maryjane clogs
*wedged sandals
From these pieces I am able to incorporate prints, patterns, or accessories without having to buy so many new clothes. The danskos I recently had to have repaired, but I have had these maryjanes since I was pregnant working in the ER and needed the extra support. I have to wear these intermittently during the week, as the flats and wedges are not ideal for long periods of standing. Here are some of the outfits from the basic pieces.

I most frequently shop at target, Nordstrom or Stitchfix. Target is because I am shopping there often for household items and I will end up browsing the clothing department. I really like their styles, however I mostly skim the clearance rack because I think their prices are a bit high for the quality. I got this striped cardigan for less than $12.00 and the flats for less than $30.00.
Stitchfix is an online company that is somewhat like a Netflix for fashion. You create a free style profile and a personal stylist selects 5 items and mails it to you at your request. There is no monthly fee or monthly requirement to purchase any item, just a $20.00 styling fee with each "fix." The fee is applied to the purchase of any item in the "fix". If you purchase all five items you receive a 25% discount, which works out to the price of one of the items in most cases. I have used this service for several years based on convenience and the quality of the clothing. You also can customize your price ranges for your items so it will be congruent with your budget. The printed navy blouse and printed cropped pants were from stitchfix.
Nordstrom is a favorite, although my budget is not always Nordstrom-friendly. The prices are really a reflection of their customer service however, including the literal forever return policy and free personal styling appointments. I bought this peplum top a few seasons past, which was a splurge, but worth it. A few expensive items offsets having most of the wardrobe being less expensive.

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