Hope during Holy Week

I realized when I was contemplating writing this post that it may come off "preachy" or like a sermon. This is not my intention whatsoever. I do identify as a Christian, and attend a Christian church, however I do not take it upon myself to influence others in their beliefs.  During this Easter Season and Holy Week, a time of renewal or rebirth, I find myself reflecting on suffering. Although spring is traditionally seen as the time of hope and rebrith, in real life this is not always the case. The anticipation that spring will bring about positive change is often attributed to the increase incidence of depression and higher suicide rates during this season. I remember when working in the ER one Easter Sunday, having a conversation with a patient about the events that led to her checking herself in that day on a voluntary psychiatric hold. This season is not always hopeful.  Especially with the recent violence in Brussels, the refugee crisis in Europe, the political climate in the U.S. and  recent life-altering events with several of my close friends, I find a hard time feeling hopeful. However, in my faith I know Easter is also about suffering and pain. The story of Easter is also one of loss, betrayal, suffering, and through all of this came hope. I am praying this week for all those suffering that they may find some source of hope.
On the plus side, my grapefruit tree has flowered. I am hopeful to have fresh grapefruit to make greyhounds at some point this year!
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