My Favorite Accessories Under $40.00


FYI this is not a sponsored post, but have recently received complements on several accessories, which were  bargains and wanted to share. I do tend to wear more basic neutral colors, but for accessories I like adding some bright colors.

1.This iphone 6 plus case,  has also received many complements. I upgraded my phone to the iphone 6 plus last year, and my husband bought me a sturdy case to prevent cracking the screen. The 6 plus is already large as it is, and the case was too much. I got this glitter case for $8.00 on Several people have asked if I had it customized because it looks like a skin. It does not give your phone a great deal of protection, but I'm avoiding letting my son play with the phone anyways.

2.I have received numerous complements on these puma Carson runners. On my days off I am out and about walking, and these shoes are incredibly comfortable and fashionable. Originally $65.00 I bought them for $29.00 on myhabit.

3.This Sam & Libby Crossbody bag I have also received many complements on. Yesterday someone ask me if it was Kate Spade and someone else asked if it was real leather... Oh no it's from Target. I am really hard on my purses and I tend to collect receipts, tissues and other clutter in larger bags, so I wanted to downgrade to a smaller bag. I needed one that I could carry over the shoulder, however, and I wanted a metal strap so it wouldn't fray with overuse. This purse is perfect, and at the price of $34.99 it doesn't matter if milk is spilled on it.
4.I bought these Oshkosh Austin slip on shoes for my son as a Christmas present. When he started walking we were buying him nikes, which can be as expensive as adult nikes, which is just ridiculous for the rate at which he is growing. I got these on sale from myhabit for $12.00. I like putting him in bright shoes so they stand out from other kids shoes at daycare, and as a kid you can get away with wearing fun bright shoes.

5. Lasty, the fitbit bands. I originally received my fitbit as a gift from my husband who loves gadgets. I wasn't that into the fitbit at first, however now I am obsessive about tracking my steps (My goal is 12k, although my days a work I average 7k) calories, and sleep. The bands are interchangeable, and a pack of three different colors is $30.00. I got mine at Macys. The pink one in the above photo does not really go with my attire, but I was in a rush this morning. The blouse and necklace are from stitchfix and the cardigan from myhabit.

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