Revisiting our wedding venue


This past weekend my family and I decided to take an outing to the L.A. arboretum, which we have not revisited since we were married almost four years ago. If you live in or are visiting the L.A. area I would highly recommend going, and is a great place to bring kids. There are an abundance of open spaces and wildlife. Our son had the time of his life running at full force in the open spaces.
I fell in love with the arboretum when I initially visited, and we without looking anywhere else decided that's where we would be married. We had a simple wedding, with less than 60 guests. The wedding in my eyes was perfect. It was a burning hot SoCal August day, but the company and the ambiance was exactly as I wanted. Being back at the arboretum of course took me back to the days I was planning the wedding, and how our lives seem worlds different from that time. We have only been married a short four years, but the events during this time make it seem as if it's been a lifetime. We've both been in school, changed jobs, moved four times, had family losses, reconfigurations, and additions.  I felt as though we never really had a "honey-moon" period so to speak, and instead immediately after our marriage were catapulted into adult realities. Both of us have had to grow up and grow together during the this time. Although I love looking at our wedding photos and reminiscing, I feel it's not the commitment we made that  wedding day holding us together.  I feel as though each day we have to make a new commitment to each other and consciously decide to work together with each hurdle we face. As the old adage goes, love is a verb. It's amazing to just reflect on how far we've come to arrive where we are, and what the next years will bring.

Our Wedding Day Los Angeles Arboretum 2012

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