Are you on board with your child's obsession?

It seems like all small children go through a phase where all they fixate on something . Our son's started at about 18 months with trains, in particular Thomas the Train. I think it started with us going to a Christmas exhibit with the old train sets, although I can't be sure of the trigger. After that, it was "choo-choo" this and "choo-choo" that. All he wanted to watch ever was Thomas the Train. My husband bought him a plastic train set and took all Christmas Eve assembling the tracks over the entirety of our small living room. Our son was beside himself with excitement, so much to the point that he wouldn't eat or sleep or do anything else but watch the damn trains go round and round. We kept the train set up for a few days, but when he started refusing to do anything else we had to hide it away only for special occasions. Of course he figured out where we kept it, and will occasionally persuade us into taking it out. His only real interest in TV is Thomas the Train. We've watched every episode of Thomas and Friends on Netflix, and have 4 different DVDs. I knew it was bad when my husband starting getting involved in the plotlines and characters. "Diesel is a real dick", my husband commented once. In the memoir, Someone Could Get Hurt, by Drew Magary, he writes a hilarious essay about his daughter's obsession with princesses, called Princesses and Paleskins. Magary writes about his daughter's short-lived fixation with princesses and other such phases. In this essay he talks about how each group of toys is bittersweet because it represents a phase in his daughter's life that will not be repeated. I see this sentiment with my mom, as she holds on to old toys of my brothers and I that we have long forgotten. I'm sure in a few years I will look over all my son's trains misty-eyed, and miss these days when he was little and life was simple.
Here is the link to the memoir by Drew Magary. I think it's a hilarious read for any new or expecting parent.

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