Alternate to the white coat

I've been obsessing over white blazers lately. A white blazer is a perfect summer staple that can worn with jeans or a dress and heels for a very chic look. I also think it's a great alternative to a white lab coat that looks stylish and professional. The trend with healthcare professionals seems to be away from the white coat. Some healthcare professionals feels that it creates a divide between the provider and patient and can cause the so-called "White Coat Syndrome". A psychiatrist I follow on social media wrote this article about why she doesn't wear a white coat.When I worked in the ER almost none of the providers wore white coats. When I moved to the clinic I started wearing one since I was new and wanted to convey professionalism to the patients who did not know me. Obviously a white blazer is not a substitute for a white lab coat, but I think it's a great piece to have in your wardrobe nonetheless. Here are a few I've been eyeing that can easily be transitioned from the office, conferences, happy hour, or networking events.

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