The kids, and the mom, are alright

So many sleepless nights, diaper changes, and tears from me and my son, have gone by in the past two years as my baby has grown into the amazing little two year old human he is. When I started this blog I wanted to document my journey onto my new career path, but also into motherhood, which were happening simultaneously. Both have pushed me to grow, and although I often didn't feel ready, have been life changing. Balancing a full time job and being a mom, has not come without frustrations, especially as I have started two different new jobs. It's never easy to be a novice, as a mom or in a new position. What I've found most helpful during these changes is giving myself, my husband, and my son all a break. This shit is hard. I'm sure it's hard to be a two year old. My son wants to do things on his own, but isn't quite there yet. He tries to communicate his needs, but is not quite there yet. He can't understand instant gratification isn't reality yet. Not only am I trying to guide my son as he is absorbing the World day by day, I am trying to guide myself through being a mom and a nurse practitioner. These are both huge responsibilities, and the weight of them is often overwhelming. What I am trying to convey is as I navigate these new paths I have to remember to give myself some slack. As I went into a frenzy making cupcakes from scratch for his birthday, and was obsessing over getting the frosting to not look like crap, I have to remind myself that my two year old and no one else probably really cares about the state of the frosting. As I drop my son off at daycare and I'm already running late for work,  I realize he has the remains of breakfast on his face, and I remind myself he is not going to die from a little oatmeal on his face. It's easy to get into the comparison game as a mother, especially with social media so prevalent in our day to day lives. In order to maintain sanity and balance, I have to remind myself we are all doing great. Maybe not perfect, but happy, healthy, and thriving.

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