one year blog anniversary

It's been a year since my blog's genesis. I have always loved reading blogs of all sorts (see my last post), because I think it's such a great platform to express your own opinions.So much of social media is so abbreviated and trite, and blogging seems like a way to actually in-depth talk about interests and opinions. I started by only writing on my life outside of work. I had spent so many hours dedicated to studying and at the hospital without much life outside of that, this seemed like a fun way to talk about my life apart from work and school. I realized after several months that I did have a lot to say about my life as a nurse and a nurse practitioner too, and that I wanted to also incorporate that into the blog. Refining and promoting the blog has been a lot more work than I realized. It's no wonder why people blog as their full time job. I did a lot of work making it aesthetically pleasing and appealing to an audience, finding ways to capture new readers through social media outlets and connecting with other bloggers, trying to finding a focus, and creating fresh ideas to write about. I'm thrilled when I check the stats, that I have readers from literally all over the globe, from South Africa to Russia! I still have a lot of areas I want to improve on, and am constantly reading blogs on blogs and trying out new ideas and formats. I have grappled with my content and whether or not I should refine to one subject matter. Many of the successful blogs have a content-specific site, whether it be nursing, cooking, decorating, or parenting. I like having a variety of content and I like being able to write about all of the areas of my life. My most popular posts, however are those related to nursing and advance practice, so I plan to focus my blog more on these topics. The reason I don't want to refine my blog to one subject completely is that I am not a one dimensional person, I have a work and home life, and I care about politics,literature, as well as lifestyle topics. Often I think women are expected to stay in a box and be one dimensional. I struggle often with what to share, is a topic taboo, is this offensive, am I sharing too many details regarding my personal life, or to little? At first I didn't want to talk about politics or topics that would offend people, but now I like writing on these issues. I try to write on topics that may be controversial from several angles, and to go more in-depth than the often polarized views of race, gender, and politics found on most major media sites, which is not helpful in creating any dialogue at all. As far as details of my life that are unflattering or portray me in a negative light, well I'm not perfect and I like to write honestly about my life experiences. I also like to write about things that are fun, like cooking and gardening, and online shopping. As far as goals for the blog, I want to make it more polished and provide more clean pictures and editing. I don't have a crystal clear vision on where I want to go with my blog, but I know I want for it to continue to be interesting and fun to me, but also informative, interesting and fun to readers. If you have any feedback or topics you'd like to see more or less of please comment or message me. I'd love to hear from you!

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