Summer Book Challenge Review #2: Marriage Can Be Murder

My husband picked out Marriage Can Be Murder (Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries Book 1)for me at a second hand store, and I at first thought it was weird and almost creepy choice. He defended himself, by stating that I love murder mysteries, so he thought I would enjoy it. I have to say it was refreshing reading a novel I knew nothing about. Apparently, the author was on the New York Times best seller's list, but this was the first I had heard of her. I expected this novel, judging from the somewhat cheesy title, to be like a Lifetime movie special, or like movie The Perfect Murder. The novel is actually nothing like what I thought. This is the first in a series about Dr. Benjamin Bones, a physician in England during the second World War. The novel opens with Dr. Benjamin Bones and his socialite wife Penny moving to Penny's countryside hometown, as Dr. Bones has been stationed their as part of his military duties as a physician. The couple are on the brink of divorce, after Dr. Bones has come to discover Penny's unfaithfulness. As they drive into the small town of Birdswing, they are involved in a vehicle collision, which severely injures Dr. Bones, and is fatal to Penny. While Ben recovers, a few members of the town convince him to see patients. As Ben befriends the townspeople and begins practicing medicine in the small town, he learns more of his late-wife's past, and begins to investigate his wife's seemingly not-so accidental death with the help of his new-found friends in the small community. This is an exciting novel full of supernatural, suspense, comedic relief, and intrigue.I highly recommend this one, if you like historical fiction or murder mysteries. I'm looking forward to some reading over the long weekend, so I hope I can get one more review in by the end of the summer.
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