Farwell to Summer Family Holiday

It's been more and more difficult to schedule a family vacation in with busy work schedules, financial restraints, and an extremely energetic two year old. This year I wanted to take a fun and manageable vacation with the family, and reserved a beach cottage for a couple days at the nearby Crystal Cove. This required a lengthy 7 month in advance reservation, but was well worth it. The cottages are historic and rustic, without a TV or wifi, but do have the amenities of showers a kitchen with a microwave, as well as a stellar view of the ocean. The cottages are in walking distance to the beach, and also to a little cafe and diner. I am especially grateful we were able to do this short getaway because with a second child on the way, I don't know if we will have another chance to have a family vacation as just the three of us. This vacation was so special not only because we had time as a family away from our day to day grind, but because our son is now talking and understanding the World around him so much more. As I watch these moments I know I can never get them back. One such moment was as we were watching the sunset on the beach after a homemade dinner around the fire, my son says "bye sun", and my heart melts. The trip was a quick farewell to summer, and just like that we were back to work, preschool, and the annoying everyday routines and stress. I'm looking forward to making new memories next year as our family grows to four, to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures and remember why we work so hard for what we have.

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