Gift Guide for the Medical Professional


Those in the medical field know we don't do our work for the "thank yous", but it's always nice to receive a token of appreciation in the form of a gift. Below are some fun and creative gifts from Etsy, that also support small businesses, which are a fun way to show your favorite dentist, doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, respiratory therapist, medical assistant, or caregiver  appreciation this holiday season.

1.Heartbeat necklace  -A fashionable gift for the cardiac nurse or others that work in the cardiac field.
2.Coffee Mug-A fun gift for those working long hours,on-call hours, and overnight shifts, fueled by caffeine.
 3.Lab Coat Hanger-This personalized hanger is the perfect gift to keep a lab coat crisp in the office or a locker.
4.Stethoscope Tag - This makes a great gift for anyone who works in a hospital where it is easy it is to misplace your stethoscope (and reminds those who"borrow" your stethoscope to give it back).
5.Anatomy Wall Art Prints-These human anatomy prints on vintage dictionary pages, make great decorative pieces to display in an office. A variety of anatomical sketches are available.
6.Anatomy Cookie Cutter-These human anatomy cookie cutters make great gifts for those in the medical field who also love to bake. These would be perfect for my former charge nurse, who would religiously bake cookies for all the ER staff to have as our "afternoon snack".

For more creative and personalized holiday gift ideas that will allow you to avoid the stress of department stores, check out the editors picks on Etsy.

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