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My use of social media has drastically shifted over the past few years, and I have found so many intriguing social media personalities, if you will, that I find inspiring. I have found there is such a large presence of medical professionals, sites, and apps on social media, that I find both educational and inspirational. I have listed a few social media favorites of mine below that fall into the medical realm.

Figure 1.-
This is an app that is available to anyone within the medical field (techs, medical students, PAs, dentists, etc.) that can share interesting case studies (compliant with HIPPA of course). I really like testing myself and reading the comments and others professionals plans of care on these cases. I have yet to upload any cases myself, but I plan on doing this in the future

I resisted joining snapchat forever, simply because I was trying to limit my social media use and it seems so ridiculous with all the filters. I still think snapchat is a bit ridiculous and rarely post to snapchat, but I've found a few accounts I like to follow. One in particular is medtakovers. On this account a different health professional or student "takes over" the account and fields questions regarding their career and career path. I really enjoy these takeovers and the exposure to all sorts of medical careers.

@mrs_angemi -This account features all sorts of interesting pathology cases. The pictures are often very gruesome, so not for the faint of heart.
@dr.majestik_md-This is the account of an Orange County ER physician that posts on a lot of interesting ER topics, as well as general health and wellness posts.
@drlindseyfitzharris-This account are posts all about medical history and photos of  historic medical equipment and surgical illustrations. I find this a fascinating look at medicine.

Ask Dr. Angela-This is a podcast from a Ob/Gyn Dr. Angela that answers women's health questions. She's very upbeat and has a wealth of information on various women's health topics.
The Nurse Practitioner Show-Another podcast (available in app form) run by a nurse practitioenr with guest speakers on variety of medical topics.

Kevin Pho-@kevinmd- A prominent social media influencer whose site ( has so many articles on relevant health care policy issues.
STAT news-I follow this medical health news site for links to articles on current healthcare issues.

There are plenty more, and a bunch of vloggers and youtube accounts that I have been meaning to check out. If you have any suggestions on accounts in the medical or healthcare field that interest you, leave them in the comments below.
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