The morning after

I really, really, did not want to write about the election. I refrained all election season about posting much on social media or the blog that was connected to the presidential campaigns. I was as sick as everyone else was of election coverage. I was sick of the late-night Trump impersonations, I was sick of the attack ads, I was sick of non-stop coverage and analysis of the polls, and sick of scandal after scandal. But, here we are, and I feel that I can't keep quiet and move on and write a lifestyle post, or pretend that everything is okay. I, like many, had my reservations about Hillary, but her ideology and experience made my decision to vote for her easy. I really felt the country would eventually rally behind her. We really couldn't be that angry at the last 8 years? We insured millions, unemployment rates are at record lows, and people are back on their feet after losing everything in the recession. I personally remember how I struggled during the recession during the G.W. Bush administration after just graduating college. I remember watching family members and friends get laid off, and I remember two hospitals I worked for going through rounds of lay-offs and cut backs, and the nursing staff being bare-boned. Flash-forward 4 years from when the hospital I worked for was offering severance for staff"voluntary separation" as they called it, to now where they are offering nurses $10,000 sign-on bonuses. Before Obamacare if you had a diagnosis of cancer or another "pre-existing" condition, good luck getting affordable insurance. We now stand to lose all of that progress. For what? There's talk of how gender and race influenced this race, and that many Americans weren't ready for that change. I don't think we can deny the influence of racial and gender bias in the many Americans decision to vote for Donald Trump, and that of disturbs me most of all. It saddens me that Americans are okay with blatant bigotry and sexism. But that being said, I am not going to Canada. I am not going to feel that this is the end, or our country is entering an Apocalypse. There will be major changes in many people's lives, and I living within the insulation of a culturally diverse and tolerate region of the country, not from a family of immigrants,young and healthy, and with a recession-proof job will probably not be the first to feel these changes, but unfortunately many others will. Taking a stand and having a voice matters more now than ever, so I encourage you to share yours.
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