Last book Review of 2016, Born a Crime


My last book review was of the memoir of comedian and Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah,Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. I love a good memoir, and this was no exception. I would even go so far as to pronounce this my favorite book of 2016. For the past year as Trevor Noah has taken over the role of host on the Daily Show, my husband and I have watched the show almost religiously. From the show and his stand-up specials, I was familiarized with bits and pieces of his upbringing in South Africa, however this book went in much greater depth and detail on his earlier years. During my family's road trip up to the Bay Area, I downloaded a couple books on audible to pass the time. We started listening to Girl on the Train, actually we listened to it for a full 5 hours, before my husband and I both decided this book was not going anywhere and started listening to Born a Crime instead. Trevor Noah narrates the audible version, and being the performer he is, really brought the stories to life. This book has everything of a good memoir; suspense, comedy, tragedy, and a bit of a history lesson. The relationship between Trevor and his mother, was perhaps my favorite part of the book. I highly recommend this book on your 2017 reading list.

Since I have been reviewing a book nearly monthly for the past year, I want to start a "book of the month" series on my blog. I have not yet decided if I should stick with a theme or genre of literature, or just whatever I happen to pick up that month. Reading is something I truly love, and while I was in school I never had the time, so I love having the time to read and share my favorites. Stay posted for more reviews on 2017!
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