Winter Maternity Wardrobe

During my last pregnancy I got away with hardly buying any actual maternity clothes, due the fact that my work uniforms were scrubs, and I was pregnant during the summer so I could wear stretchy cotton dresses. This time around it's a little more tricky due to the fact that I work in an office setting, and during the winter months. Although I want to maintain a sense of fashion as my bump grows, I also want to be realistic about budget and buying clothes that are transitional and functional after pregnancy. Here are my suggestions on shopping for a winter maternity wardrobe.
Buy dark solid-colored pieces (they are more slimming and will go with more).
Shop on bargain sites (zullily is the best I've found, and haven't spent more than $30.00 on any maternity item. The shipping takes forever, so don't buy anything you need immediately).
Buy button up or zip down shirts, cardigans, or jackets a size up from your pre-pregnancy size that will accommodate a growing belly and breastfeeding.
Invest in a pair of black maternity jeans (can be worn casually and dressed up).
Get a couple dark and light solid colored maternity tops that can be worn under blouses or cardigans
Invest in nursing bras and tanks a size up from your pre-pregnancy size.
Invest in sweat pants or yoga pants a size up from your pre-pregnancy size, they don't have to be "maternity" that can be worn during the post-partum months.
Invest in a couple stretchy jersey dresses or pencil skirts (can be worn after you are pregnant too).
Accessorize your basic dark colored pieces with colorful statement necklaces, scarves, blazers,  or shoes that make your wardrobe seem larger than it is.

Don't pay full price on any maternity item you don't plan on wearing after you are pregnant.
Avoid lighter colors, prints, horizontal stripes if possible (I bought a tribal print maternity dress, which looked horrific).
Avoid buying a lot of pieces that will only work while you are pregnant.

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