Women's March 2017

As the name of my blog suggests "left coast" I lean politically to the left, and I do not make this any secret. I was completely disheartened not only by the results of the election and the racist and sexist rhetoric spewed by Donald Trump, but more by Trump's  supporters willingness to overlook and excuse these damaging comments again and again. Today my family and I took to join the Women's March in Downtown L.A. with almost 500,000 other concerned citizens, which was truly an uplifting experience. Initially it was my husband's idea to go to the march, and I am so glad we followed through and got up at 6:00 am on a Saturday to participate in the march. It was truly inspiring to see so many men, women, children of all ages and races making their voices heard and to raise up from much of the doom and gloom rhetoric in the news etc. The election has brought uncertainty and fear into the hearts of many Americans, including myself, but events such as this reminds me that the majority of Americans around the country want to continue the fight for equality not only women, but for all. I was extremely pleased to see so many men marching with signs and shirts supporting equality for women.

I am so proud my whole family, and unborn daughter could participate in the march. It's important to me that our children see and participate in activism. The first train we tried to catch at 7:00 am was completely filled and so we had to drive to catch another train on a different line, which ended up filling to capacity with protesters. 

Our son loved the train ride to downtown. I spoke to a woman who had on one of the over 1.7 million knitted pink hats, who said "In my seventies I never thought I would be protesting the same thing as in my twenties."

Overall it was a beautiful hopeful day, although completely exhausting at 8 months pregnant!
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