Book of the Month Review: Across That Bridge


Today is the birthday of Congressman Lewis, which is fitting that I share this review today. I chose Across That Bridge: A Vision for Change and the Future of America on my 2017 reading list after seeing an interview with Congressman Lewis on a talk show sometime last year, however I did not know much about the book or Lewis' life. I chose to read this book before Lewis recently called Donald Trump an illegitimate president and refused to attend his inauguration. That being said, this book was also written before Trump was elected president, however, much of Lewis's writing and insight in this book seems to be more timely than ever with the current political climate. I also chose to read this book in February, Black History Month, thinking the book focused more on the civil rights movement. Across that Bridge is not so much an account of his life or detailed work in the civil right's movement in America, but more the lessons he's learned along his road and in his work with nonviolent resistance in particular. Lewis shares his deeply spiritual beliefs that he attributes to his ability to participate in the nonviolent resistance, sit-ins, freedom rides, and protests. His writing reads like a sermon, and I found to be extremely inspirational. I particularly appreciated his chapter on "Truth"  which is so relevant in our current administration's world of "alternative facts." This was an uplifting read from a truly inspirational and intelligent man, that is not too dry or heavy, so this definitely gets two thumbs up from me! Share your thoughts below.
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