The Final Countdown to Baby!


I have reached the last week of my pregnancy, and have been taking some time in my last week to finish all the tasks on my to-do list. This pregnancy has flown by, and since I am not one of the women who relishes each minute of pregnancy I am grateful for that. Although there were some tough moments during these past nine months (and I'm sure labor will be #1 on the list) I'm pleased to say this time around has been world's easier than with my first time. Also, everyone keeps telling me I look so much better than with my first pregnancy (Thanks, guys I know I turned into a blimp last time). Here's what I've been doing to some what prepare for the arrival of our daughter (although I don't think you can ever really 100% prepare for the chaos of a new life in your family). 
1. Buying a few baby items. 
Most baby gear I already had in storage, but there were a few items I bought that should help out with having two children. I got a new diaper bag I had been eyeing that I had seen on instagram. This bag by Fawn Design works as a backpack, and is stylish enough to use as an everyday bag, and even a work bag. I also bought a double stroller that fits a convertible infant car seat, so I will be able to take the two kiddos on walks together after she is born. 

2. Pack the hospital bag and baby overnight bag
I think the hospital bag topic is a bit overdone on blogs, and I don't think it's as an essential piece of preparation as some people make it out to be. Nonetheless, here's what's in my hospital bag.

For Husband:
*change of comfortable clothes
*toothbrush and deodorant
*red bull and Lenny and Larry's protein cookies (his favorite)
*ipad and charger

For Me:
*sweat pants, PJs, robe, nursing tank tops and bras, flip flops, socks and underwear, zip up hoodie
*lanolin cream
*dry shampoo, deodorant, face wash, toothbrush, lotion and chapstick, hair tie, a few pieces of makeup

For Baby:
*swaddle blanket, zip up PJs, one outfit for first photo (hat and bow)

*Thank you cards for nurses
*SLR camera and charger

Everything else should be provided at the hospital.

I also packed a little overnight bag for my son with diapers, wipes, clothes, snacks and his blanket in case we need to drop him at the neighbor's if I go into labor at night or early morning.
3. Catch up with friends and family

Last time it became quite chaotic after my son was born, and I want to become a hermit for a bit after the new baby is born. Because I anticipate seeing less people and going out less frequently after the baby comes, I wanted to make an effort to catch up with those I hadn't seen in awhile. I had a small baby shower, which was fun to see friends and family I hadn't seen in some time. 
I've also been trying to make an effort to spend more quality time with my son, as this is his last week as an only child. I am trying to make time to take him to the park, out to lunch, and the library.

My husband and I are also trying to catch some alone time when possible. We got out to my friend's wedding together last weekend. I caught up with several friends from nursing school I hadn't seen in several years (who some were a bit surprised to see me about to pop nine months). Besides seeing the groom and bride so happy, the best part of the wedding was the course upon course of Mediterranean food served, which is my favorite! My husband and I are also hoping to catch a early breakfast and movie this week while my son is at preschool, if I have not gone into labor yet.

4. Clean and Nest
Dishes and laundry are a full-time job at my house, so I've been spending a good portion of my day trying to make a dent in the piles of laundry and dishes accumulating each day. I've yet to set up a nursery, as we plan to have the baby sleep in our room for the first few months to make nursing easy. Our son is still in his crib, and so when our daughter gets big enough she will inherit the crib, and we will transition our son to a big boy bed. At that point I intend to fix up the bedroom with some personal touches for our daughter. The current bedroom is a neutral gray, so it will go with any color scheme. I have also yet to organize her clothes. I have only washed a few clothing items and blankets, because last time there were many clothes my son didn't wear due to his large size, and I want to be able to return what she doesn't wear.

5. Pamper myself
After giving birth I felt like a huge slob and it was also hard to get out of the house to get my hair done etc. I got my hair cut short knowing it may be some time until I go back to the salon. I also got a pedicure since I can barely touch my toes at this point and got my eyebrows threaded, partly in hope the pain would stimulate labor!

6. Stay Positive
The greatest challenge next to labor during both of my pregnancies was maintaining a positive attitude. The changes in my hormones, body, life, sleep and freedom wrecked havoc on my mood both times around. This time around I also had the anxiety of the anticipation of labor pains, since I had such a hard labor last time. I can't say that I did much better this time with keeping my mood up, but working out and staying busy have helped tremendously. My good friend who recently had a baby has given me the advice in preparation of labor to write out positive affirmations to myself to say during labor and to imagine a happy place during contractions. I've been working on that as well, and will report back on how it goes!

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