It's time again for my monthly book review. I chose Sweetbitter: A novel based on recommendations from several other bloggers and was looking for a good novel to break up my nonfiction choices. I listened to this novel on audible, which I have started using more frequently while I'm commuting, doing chores at home, or on walks, as it's very hard to find time with two kids to read for leisure. As I discussed with a friend just yesterday, audiobooks can be hit or miss just based on the narration alone. A poor narration can just kill a good book. I have to say the narrator's voice on this one was pretty annoying to the point where I almost just bought the actual book because I couldn't take it anymore. If you are contemplating buying the audioversion of this book, I would advise you to think twice. Anyhow, moving along to the story itself. To really put my finger on what this book is about in a simplistic way, I would say it's a story about the maturation of a young women in her early twenties. "Tess" leavers her Midwestern hometown after graduating college to move to NYC for bigger and better things, although she has no idea what this might be initially. She lands a job as a back waiter at a well-established fine-dining restaurant, although she has next to no experience as a server. As she is thrown into the new world of the service industry, she becomes intertwined in a love triangle with the most senior and knowledgeable server "Simone" and the aloof bartender "Jake".  The plot of this novel is not riveting, but I did love the writing itself, and I found the story very reminiscent of my brief time in the service industry. After I moved to Portland in my early twenties I got a part-time job as a hostess to hold me over between jobs, which ended up turning into a full time server job for over a year. Although this was a very short time in my life, it stands out as one of the most formative periods. This novel captured the nature of the service industry, the close-knit culture of the staff, the debauchery, and the reasons people stay and leave in this line of work almost to a T with what I experienced. If you've read this novel leave your impressions below!
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