I've never been high maintenance in terms of my beauty routine, and hence I don't post much on the topic as I am no where near an expert on the matter. However as my birthdays increase in number, and my hours of sleep decrease in number, I have found it essential to up my beauty game to avoid looking like I belong on the set of the Walking Dead.  I still have a very simplistic routine, but have found a few items that help my face look more fresh and alive, even when I've been up all night with my infant or toddler. As a busy working mom I have streamlined the daily routine to a few basic items I find to be the most essential.

Here's before and after using only the 10 items below. As you see in the before photo the dark circles make me look much older and slightly deranged.

1. Concealer is obviously number one on the list in terms of priority in my beauty routine. I have had under eye bags that are apparent even if I have slept for days for as long as I can remember, but worsen with lack of sleep. As I am quite self-conscious of the bags I have done a lot of research on treatments to correct them.  There are fillers (Radiesse and Boltero) and surgery (blepharoplasty) that can correct these hereditary under-eye dark circles, but these are expensive (several hundreds to several thousands), temporary (needs to be redone every 2-3 years), and of course pose risks and complications. I have done my research and spoken to dermatologists, and there is no under eye cream or topical ointment that can improve the appearance of the circles, so concealer has become my best friend. I have tried many drugstore and department store products. The NARS creamy concealer is my current favorite, as doesn't cake and is easy to apply. I had my color matched at the counter in Nordstrom.

2. After a generous application of the NARS concealer under the eyes and on small trouble areas, I use this light NARS tinted moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin, and also had to experiment with many foundations and moisturizers before finding this one that gives adequate coverage without causing breakouts. I also had this one matched at Nordstrom. This is expensive for a small tube, but I have found it lasts 5-6 months. This also contains an SPF, so it eliminates the need for a daily facial sunscreen.
3. This Chubby Stick Lip Balm by Clinique  moisturizes and gives a subtle matte pop of color for my every day look. I prefer it to lip gloss or lipstick because it's not too gooey or thick.There are many different hues, this one is wild strawberry.
4. I wear mascara probably 50% of the time, simply because I am often to lazy to remove it at night. I have also tried many drugstore and department store mascaras, and have found the maybelline falsies to be the best bang for your buck, and give your lashes definition and does not flake.
5. I find a loose powder gives my face a more finished and even look. Having tried many a powders, I like the mineral powders the best, and find little difference between drugstore and department store products. My current is covergirl trublend
6. As I mention I wear mascara only 50% of the time, but curling my eyelashes can give my eyelashes pop without mascara. The eyelash curler is the best couple of dollars I've spent in terms of beauty items. 
7. This daily moisturizer I bought in a sampler of Langeige, and has become my go-to daily moisturizer as it's light enough for under make-up and doesn't cause breakouts.
8. This [Laneige] 2015 Renewal - Water Sleeping Mask I use when I remember, but leaves a my face noticeably brighter, hydrated and less puffy in the mornings.
9. I have been obsessed with eyebrows for as long as I can remember, and notice them on everyone. I don't wear much eye make-up, but one thing I don't skip are the brows. I use this pencil by benefit,  because color is very natural appearing and easy to apply. I define the arch and then just color in any bare areas with the pencil.
10. This brow highlighter is also by benefit. I use it right under the arch of my eyebrows and it covers strays when I have let me eyebrows grow out for a more polished appearance. 

I love reading other bloggers favorite beauty items, and is actually how I came across several of these products I use. Leave your favorites in the comments below!